Introducing our New Website!

Welcome to Rockdale Temple’s new website! We are so excited to show you our new and improved home on the web.

Why a new website? Because we believe that great communication – between our leadership and congregation, between our groups and their members, between our teachers and students – is a vital part of fulfilling our mission as a kehal kodesh, a sacred community. By communicating effectively with one another, by making sure everyone has the latest information about our events and programs, by using every tool at our disposal to teach and reach out, we can be sure that Rockdale Temple is a congregation that is truly “in touch” with all of its members.

What are some of the important features of our new website? For starters, it is easy to view, no matter your computer type, internet browser, or even mobile device. That’s right – our new website is completely mobile… this means that it will show up on (and instantly change its own format to fit) your smartphone or tablet – are you seeing it like this even now? You can easily make reservations for events like Rock Shabbat dinners. It is easier than ever to make donations through our page, allowing us to support our community in a way that is fast and convenient. Our new website is a one-stop-shop for members of Women of Rockdale, Brotherhood, RUACH, and other groups to find out about upcoming events and get involved with special projects. Our school families will have the ability to download forms and permission slips, access learning resources chosen by our Rabbis and teachers, and link to outside websites that contain great Jewish activities and information. If you enjoy music, you’ll soon be able to listen to many of our congregational melodies and prepare for Shabbat and the High Holy Days.

Our staff has been working hard with Adam and his creative team at WeGo Unlimited to develop this new site, and we hope that you enjoy exploring and utilizing this new resource. Thank you for being one of the first visitors to Rockdale Temple’s new home on the web!