Membership Information

Rockdale Temple is a place to learn, celebrate, express one’s Judaism, and find community. We pride ourselves on being warm, welcoming, and friendly. Those who walk through our doors find they want to remain here. Our rabbis are approachable and make relationships with each person and family. Congregants feel that we know each and every one of them, and they are wanted and valued. We aim to provide meaning for people’s lives, and invite congregants to join us in creating that meaning, as well as developing a sacred community.

We invite you to be an active part of what we consider the warmest, friendliest congregation in Greater Cincinnati. Young families and empty nesters, elder adults, singles, people of all sexual orientations, Jews by choice, intermarried couples, new Americans, and folks whose foremothers came out of Egypt in the Exodus—all are welcome at Rockdale!

As an introduction to our congregational family, we invite you to experience a worship service, attend an education program, visit our religious school or come to a social event! We welcome you at any time. Feel free to call, stop by, and join us in Shabbat worship. Our rabbis and congregation look forward to meeting you.

Please contact us! To speak to one of our rabbis or our executive director, email or call 513-891-9900. We look forward to hearing from you.

Membership Forms

Sacred Annual Membership Commitment Billing Form – 2017-2018 – In order for the Temple to provide programs and services to members and the Jewish community, we ask our members to pay annual dues.  Without such revenue, the Temple could not continue to exist. Our dues structure is flexible and it permits you to determine your annual membership pledge. The Introductory Membership is available to all new members under the age of 35 who find the current dues structure unattainable.