At Rockdale, we seek to connect with each other. Our sacred community is a multi-generational kehillah (congregation) and we value the dialogue and learning that comes from each other. We also connect through programs and groups that target our interest. At Rockdale we hope to provide many entryways to be in relationship.

At Rockdale you will make a difference … without getting lost in the crowd!   We are a comfortably sized home where we quickly put faces with names. Each person can feel connected to others in our community right away. Young families and empty-nesters, elder adults, singles, people of all sexual orientations, Jews by choice, interfaith couples, new Americans, and those whose ancestors came out of Egypt in the Exodus—all are welcome at Rockdale!

This is a place where we welcome new people and their ideas in the most active sense. Bring your points of view and we hope to make them come alive here at Rockdale.