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The 2020/2021 Virtual Kehal Kodesh program has 4 components:

Mishpacha – Family Learning for our youngest students and their parents
      Sundays: 10:00am - all School T'filah
                       10:30am - Classes
                                               Mishpacha, 30 minutes

Virtual Religious School – Sunday mornings for students in grades 2-8
      Sundays: 10:00am - all School T'filah
                       10:30am - Classes
                                               Grades 2-6: 45 minutes
                                               Grades 7-8 [Rak Noar]: 60 minutes

Hebrew School – Tuesday afternoons online for students in grades 3-8
RockBoxes – All grades will receive take-home boxes for continued learning at home as a family.

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Mishpacha, our Family Learning Program, is designed for families to experience and learn about Judaism together. Each family will be placed into a small group consisting of similarly aged children. There will be a maximum of six students, grades PreK – 2*, in order to create multi-grade groups. In most homes, this diminishes, if not eliminates, the need for everyone to be on a separate computer or device.

Mishpacha strives to create a warm learning environment to support the value of mishpacha (family) and expand Talmud Torah (Jewish learning) all from the comfort of your own living room! Each week, families will engage with Jewish values and have opportunities to create art, food, puppets, and memories together. Sunday mornings will begin with school wide T’filah (prayer services) and then transition into Mishpacha learning with your assigned teacher. Mishpacha groups will meet following T’filah for 30 minutes. Adult interaction during lessons is required. Throughout the year, students will have grade-specific social programs to enable them to see and connect with their friends, as well as build relationships in their cohorts, across different Mishpacha groups. Social programs will take place following Mishpacha on select Sundays.



Virtual Religious School

Following Religious School T’filah, students will meet in their grade-level Zoom classrooms for their Judaic lessons. Lessons will average 45 minutes for our *2nd-6th graders, while our Rak Noar (7th/8th grade) students’ classes may extend longer on some weeks. We know it can be difficult for students to remain engaged online for extended periods of time. As such, we will be utilizing art, music, storytelling, brain-breaks, and movement to help keep our students motivated and interested. Sunday Judaic lessons will focus on maintaining a tight-knit peer community where students learn and explore the significance of our traditions, values, and teachings. Most importantly, we will integrate these concepts to illustrate how they relate and bring meaning to our everyday lives.

Throughout the year, students will have virtual youth group programs to see and connect with their friends. Youth group programs will take place following Virtual Religious School on select Sundays.


Hebrew School 

We are excited to announce that students in 3rd-5th grades will have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one Hebrew instruction throughout the Fall semester. These sessions will meet Tuesdays from 4-6PM for 25 minutes. Individual attention with a teacher will help your child progress at their own pace. Scheduling for Hebrew tutoring will begin in August. 

Sixth graders will spend the year learning trope, chanting for Torah and Haftarah texts, as well as reviewing liturgy and engaging with the Torah service. This year, students will meet as a group on Zoom and have additional opportunities for one-on-one learning with their teacher.  

Rak Ivrit: 7th and 8th graders will meet for an hour each week for T’filah, review of prayers and trope skills, and modern Hebrew instruction. While 8th grade participation is optional, we hope students – especially those with B’nai Mitzvah dates this school year - will continue their exploration of Hebrew! 


curriculum 2020-2021

This year, our school (PreK-6th grades) will be using ShalomLearning’s values-based curricula for PreK-6th grade classes. This award-winning program was developed by a team of Jewish and secular educators and curriculum developers. Our school is among 120 partner congregations making Jewish education more engaging and relevant for our students. The ShalomLearning values-based curriculum explores seven Jewish values and their relevance in our everyday lives. Students will learn to use Jewish culture, holidays, text, history, and traditions to make responsible decisions and build positive relationships. Learning together in a virtual classroom, students will see and interact with each other in a real-time, teacher-led class. By being able to log in from home (or anywhere), students understand that learning and Judaism happens everywhere, not just at Religious School. For more information about ShalomLearning, visit If you have questions about how our school is implementing the program, please reach out! We look forward to a wonderful new school year and a productive partnership with ShalomLearning.

Rak Noar (7th & 8th Grade) will continue to follow its two-year rotating curriculum including sacred texts, Jewish values and living, history, and current events and issues. This year, topics will include: Hot Topics & Jewish Values, History - From Darkness to Light, Holocaust/Modern Genocide, Teachings and Values of Ketuvim (Writings).


 Click Here to Register for 2020-21 / 5781!

Wed, June 16 2021 6 Tammuz 5781