left_top_treeAt Kehal Kodesh, we have adopted the Union for Reform Judaism’s Chai Curriculum. This Curriculum utilizes a teaching method called “Understanding by Design,” which encourages students to interact with classroom material in a way that continues to bring meaning to their lives once they leave Kehal Kodesh. Instead of asking “what should we teach our students?” We are striving to ask “what do we want our students to know?”

The Chai Curriculum focuses on three main areas, Torah, Avodah, and G’milut Chasadim, taking its inspiration from the line in our sacred text: “The world stands on three things: on Torah, on Service/Worship, and on Acts of Lovingkindness” (Mishnah Avot 1:2) Through these three lenses, our students will explore and experience a myriad of topics, from classic Genesis stories to the principle of caring for the elders in our community. Each year of learning also has a theme which guides the lessons in all three strands.

PreK and Kindergarten: Discovering Myself in the Jewish Story

1st Grade: I am Part of the Jewish People

2nd Grade: Kedusha (Holiness)

3rd Grade: Being Part of the Jewish Community

4th Grade: Israel and Reform Judaism

5th Grade: Revelation and the Jewish Lifecycle

6th Grade: Hineni: I am Becoming a Jewish Adult

Rak Noar (7th and 8th grade): follows a two-year rotating curriculum including sacred texts, Jewish values and living.