Kulanu: The Cincinnati Reform Jewish High School

Rockdale Temple high school students (grades 9-12) attend Kulanu: The Cincinnati Reform Jewish High School, a collaborative effort of the city’s four Reform congregations. The community high school allows us to offer a wide variety of substantive courses to high school students, in addition to providing them with a social milieu which reinforces the traditions and values of our faith community. We are extremely proud of Rockdale Temple’s high rate of retention not only through Confirmation in 10th grade, but through graduation as well.

Mission Statement of The Reform Jewish High School:

We, Kulanu: The Cincinnati Reform Jewish High School, are a supplemental religious high school program sponsored by and for the members of Rockdale Temple,Temple Sholom, Isaac M. Wise Temple, and The Valley Temple, with the assistance of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. The high school student is the primary focus of our efforts. At the same time, we involve the parents, Rabbis and educators in our program. As a Reform Jewish Institution, we strive to achieve the following goals:

  • To bring Torah into our lives through the study of its language, concepts, ideals and values
  • To foster prayer and spiritual growth as individuals and as a Reform Jewish community through creative worship celebrations of Shabbat and festivals and personal introspection.
  • To teach and practice acts of loving kindness as we actively pursue the welfare of our families, our community, our country, Israel and our world.

Our ultimate goal is that the teaching of Judaism, as learned and experienced in our program, will imbue our daily acts with the highest of Jewish values. Our educational program, therefore, embraces the rabbinic dictum, “Upon three things the world stands: on Torah, on prayer and spiritual growth and on acts of loving kindness.”

For more information visit www.kulanucincy.org or contact Rabbi Coran at scoran@rockdaletemple.org