More Stories from the Congregational Israel Mission 2016

We asked our congregants who went on the Cincinnati Jewish Community Israel Trip this past July to share their stories and pictures. Shofar Soundings will feature some each month. We’ll also be featuring them on the website as well. Enjoy!

Check out our video from the Israel Mission below!

coppels“Our Israel Experience

By Brad Coppel & Steve Coppel

The opportunity to visit Israel as a father and adult son, with our Rabbi as a guide, and huge cost savings… why wouldn’t we want to go?

We each had visited Israel separately so went in with already formed ideas of what to expect in the land of our people: the sites and sights both historical and religious, the food, culture and people. While those exceeded expectations, we will most remember the feelings: awe of Jerusalem at night, pain in Yad Vashem reading and hearing about the historical horror of the Holocaust, strength drawn at Masada from our people’s courage nearly two thousand years earlier, pride singing Hatikvah in the room Israel became a state and empathy at Mt. Herzl military cemetery for the families whose loved ones were heroes killed in battles defending our homeland. One cannot help being transformed.

We were lucky to be traveling with such a great group; the Rockdale members’ kindness, caring and camaraderie helped make the experience. Thank you to Rabbi Sissy and Rabbi Matthew; their investment of time, planning and heart permeated throughout the trip as they educated and inspired.

For us: this year WAS in Jerusalem!”