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Welcome to ShulCloud

Karen Martin

In the course of the last year, your Rockdale Temple staff has been working hard to update some of our critical systems, including our database software. We were looking for software that would give our community a better way to interact with the Temple online and more control of their information, while also giving us a better way to ensure we are staying in touch and meeting your needs.  After months of research and preparation, we will be launching ShulCloud, the next step in congregational communication, this June. By the time you receive your membership packet (look for those in your mailbox by June 15), you’ll be able to log in to our new website, update your personal information, pay your Sacred Annual Commitment online, and make a donation to Rockdale anytime the mood strikes!

The new website will be live on June 4, and you are welcome and encouraged to explore. If we have an email address for your family, you will receive an email with login information on June 4. Any adult members of a household for whom we have an email address should be able to log in. If you do not receive an email on June 4 and would like to be able to access your account online, please reach out to the Rockdale Temple office at 513-891-9900, or email Patty at

Once you are able to log in, you can view and update all of the information on your account. For starters:

•  Click on "View & edit your profile” to review your personal information, and then click on each of the other categories under your name (Contact Info, Business, Other and About Me) to make sure that the information in your profile is correct. When done, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Save changes to person".

•  On your Welcome screen, scroll down the screen to "Manage People" and review or add your family members by clicking “Edit” next to their name(s) or "Add New Person".

•  The person whose name is preceded with an "*" is the Primary person within your account. We recommend that the Primary person be the bill payer in the household. To switch roles between Primary and Secondary, click "Edit Your Family" and then the "Switch" button at the top of the screen. Make certain to scroll to the bottom of the page to “Save Changes to Account”. If bill paying is a shared role, it's your choice as to who is Primary.

•  Scroll further down the screen to review your yahrzeits. If you would like to add Yahrzeits to your account, please contact Paige Barker, in the Rockdale Temple office to receive information about our Perpetual Memory program.

•  Note: There are two sections within your Welcome screen which do not need to be edited. "My Subscriptions" and "My Events" are features we will explain and enable in the future.

All done? Click on the “Welcome” button at the top of the screen and click “Sign out.” The procedure above explains logging in for the first time. To subsequently log in, use the website address www.rockdaletemple. org in your browser and then click the “Login” button at the top right. Enter your email address and password and click “Sign in”. Looking for the other uses of ShulCloud? Sit tight. We’ll let you know about more opportunities to use this system to interact directly with us as they come up. In the meantime, we encourage you to log into your ShulCloud account and explore! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Paige or Patty (contact information above) or me, Karen Martin,

Mon, December 11 2023 28 Kislev 5784