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The 2021-22 Hebrew School Program

We are excited to announce that students in 3rd-5th grades will have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one Hebrew instruction, either in-person or online. These sessions will meet Tuesdays from 4-6:00PM for 30 minutes. Individual attention with a teacher will help your child progress at their own pace. Scheduling for one-on-one Hebrew instruction will begin in August. 

Sixth graders will spend the year learning trope, chanting for Torah and Haftarah texts, as well as reviewing liturgy and engaging with the Torah service. This year, students will meet as a group on Zoom and have additional opportunities for one-on-one learning with their teacher.  

Rak Ivrit: 7th and 8th graders will meet for an hour each week for T’filah, review of prayers and trope skills, and modern Hebrew instruction. While 8th grade participation is optional, we hope students – especially those with B’nai Mitzvah dates this school year - will continue their exploration of Hebrew! 

We teach Hebrew in fun and meaningful way to students in grades 3-7 on Tuesday afternoons. The goals of our Hebrew program are for our students to: become knowledgeable in the structure and meaning of the Shabbat and holiday liturgy; decode, read, and write Hebrew consonants and vowels; familiarize themselves with Hebrew and Jewish life vocabulary; and experiment with Modern Hebrew. We are educating our children for life-long learning and participation in congregational life, not for one specific  lifecycle event.

Our Hebrew school teachers are rabbis, rabbinical students from Hebrew Union College, and Jewish professionals with advanced Hebrew degrees who bring their unique skills and talents to engage our students in the study of Hebrew. 


For all 3rd-7th graders: We are introducing a new program – Yom Ivrit. Several times throughout the year, we will gather all our Hebrew learners at Rockdale Temple for a special Hebrew enrichment program that will include small group learning, t’filah, Hebrew games, Israeli cultural experiences, and dinner.

Dates: October 26, November 30 (Chanukah), January 18, March 8, May 3 (Closing Day of Hebrew)
     5:00-6:00pm  Interactive Hebrew Learning and T'filah  
     6:00-6:30pm  Community Time and Dinner 


Hebrew Curricula

Kitah Aleph (3rd Grade): Letter recognition, vowels, decoding, basic reading
      Prayers: Barechu, Shema, Shabbat table blessings (Candles, Kiddush, Motzi)
      Workbook: Kol Yisrael 1

Kitah Bet (4th Grade): Decoding, intermediate reading, roots, vocabulary
      Prayers: Barechu, Ma’ariv Aravim / Yotzeir Or, Ahavah Rabbah / Ahavat Olam, Shema, V’ahavta,
                     Mi Chamocha
      Workbook: Kol Yisrael 2 (part one)

Kitah Gimmel (5th Grade): Advanced reading, roots, vocabulary
      Prayers: V’ahavta, Amidah/T’filah (Avot v’Imahot, G’vurot, Kedushat HaYom/Kedushah,
                     Shalom Rav/Sim Shalom)
      Workbook: Kol Yisrael 2 (part two)

Kitah Dalet (6th Grade): roots, vocabulary, modern Hebrew, trope (Torah cantillation)
      Prayers: Amidah/T’filah, Torah Service (Prayers before and after reading Torah and prayers
                     before and after reading Haftarah), Aleinu, Mourner’s Kaddish
      Workbooks: Kol Yisrael 3, The Art of Torah Cantillation

Rak Ivrit (7th Grade): “Just Hebrew” for 7th & 8th graders has two primary foci – Modern Hebrew and B’nai Mitzvah review and preparation. This class adapts to the needs of current students. 

Access the Online Learning Center (OLC) HERE.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Erin Binder, Assistant Rabbi & Educator.

Sun, July 3 2022 4 Tammuz 5782