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The Bene Israel Society is Rockdale Temple's way of recognizing our legacy donors. These are members of our community who have pledged to make a gift to our temple that will ensure our continued financial health not only during their lifetime, but also in the years and decades to come. 

Bene Israel Society members are people whose parents and grandparents were members of Rockdale Temple, and those who joined our community in the last few years. They are people with a range of professions, life experiences, and means. They come from every corner of the Rockdale Temple community. They are united in their desire that Rockdale Temple will see not only its Bicentennial in few 2024, but its Tricentennial as well.

The Bene Israel Society grew out of Rockdale Temple’s participation in the Create Your Jewish Legacy program of the Grinspoon Foundation and supported by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati. We have extended membership in the society to include all legacy donors, including those who participated in earlier legacy campaigns.

How to join the Bene Israel Society

There are two ways to join the Bene Israel Society. The first is to fill out the Create Your Jewish Legacy paperwork. We are in our 5th year of participation in this program and have found it an easy and useful way to track participation and for our members to communicate their plans. There are two parts to the Create Your Jewish Legacy Paperwork:

Option 1:

Letter of Intent: The Letter of Intent states your plan to participate in the Create Your Jewish Legacy program by leaving a gift to Rockdale Temple in your will, life insurance policy, IRA, or by setting up a trust. You can also indicate that you choose to support any other Jewish organization in our community on the same form.

Confirmation of Commitment: This form reaffirms your commitment and states that you have completed the necessary legal paperwork to make the above stated arrangements.

Option 2:

In many cases, we have learned of legacy gifts only as they arrive at Rockdale Temple. We will include the name of any who leave legacy gifts to Rockdale Temple in our recognition for the Bene Israel Society.

Benefits of Joining the Bene Israel Society

Rockdale Temple is deeply grateful to all our legacy donors for their many contributions to our community and their desire to support us well into the future. We demonstrate our gratitude through small gifts during the High Holy Days, listing our Bene Israel Society members in our quarterly Shofar Soundings, celebrating them during a special Shabbat service each year, and recognizing their names on a beautiful piece of artwork that will be installed in fall 2019. Members who have confirmed their commitment receive a Bene Israel Society mezuzah designed by Elizabeth Goldstein. All Bene Israel Society members are also enrolled in our Perpetual Memory program and a plaque will be placed on our memorial wall so that their name will be remembered on their yahrzeit long after they have left our community.

How Do We Use Legacy Gifts

If no other designation is made, all legacy gifts are placed in our Bene Israel Society Fund (named for the Bene Israel Society), a restricted endowment fund to support Rockdale Temple’s rabbinical and educational leadership. Gifts will ensure that our sacred community continues to foster connections through timeless rituals, innovative learning, and forward thinking.

To learn more about this fund, our endowment spending policy, or any other questions you have regarding the Bene Israel Society, or to enroll in the society, please contact our Legacy Chair Sally Korkin, (513) 227-3747, or our Executive Director Laura Wright at, (513) 891-9900.

Our Members:

Doris* & Stuart* Berman
Max Joseph Bleich
Rosemary & Frank Bloom 
Lynn Chaifetz 
Anthony & Andrea Checroun
Matthew* & Jean Chimsky 
Jennifer Clark
John Cobey & Jan Frankel
Max Cobey
Alfred M. Cohen
Barb & O.J. Cohen
Ken & Janet Cohen
Rabbis Matthew Kraus & Sigma F. Coran*
Bernie Dave
Stephanie & Tony De Falco
Bonnie & Darryl Dick
M. James Ellis
Mark & Nancy Feldman
Lisa & John* Fox
G. Allan & Sara Frankel
Dr. & Mrs. G. Russell Frankel
Gail & Dick Friedman
Robert Frohman
Dr. Barry & Nancy Gibberman
Dolores Goldfinger
Rabbi Mark & Dr. Meryl* Goldman
Michael G. Hall
Andy A. & Debbie Heldman
Betty Heldman
Gary & Austine Heldman 
Jim Heldman & Wendy Saunders
Michael Heldman & Beth Franks
Andrea & Dr. Edward Herzig 
Lauren & Aaron Herzig
Daniel J. Hoffheimer 
Robert Ingberg, M.D. 
Johnny “JJ” Jones 
Rabbi Meredith Kahan & Sean Flowers
David & Hildy Kerman
Nancy & Jerry Klein

Sally & Gerry Korkin 
Bennett Kottler & Family
Jamey & Vanessa Kurtzer
Justin Levy & Eira Tansey 
Lauren & Jake Lillenstein
Deb & Joe Loewenstein 
Ralph & Fran Lowenstein 
Helene & Millard Mack 
Christine & Ramesh Malhotra 
Mara Marnocha 
Karen & Stewart Martin
Sheryl & Scott Mattis
Fay B. May & Robert E. Prescott* 
Lynn Rosenberg Mayfield
Tracy M. McMullen
Lisa & Jonathan Mezibov
Mark Michaelson & 
Barbara Turner-Michaelson

Dale Rabiner 
Loretta* & Gary* Rabiner
David* & Marilyn* Reichert 
Leslie & Bernard Reiss
Benjamin M. Rosensweet
Matthew & Renee Rosensweet
Jack & Mary-Bob Rubenstein 
Judith & Mark Schaengold
Steven & Rachel Schild 
David & Abby Schwartz 
Joshua & Heather Shapiro
Mark Sheldon 
Andrew & Sally Shott 
Hagit & Jeff Sunberg 
W. E. Blair Tillett 
Julie & Shachar Torem 
obert & Loris Ungar
Sarah Weiss & Todd Schild
Edward Wertheimer
Karen & Stuart Zanger
4 Anonymous Donors 
*Of Blessed Memory

Wed, October 21 2020 3 Cheshvan 5781