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John Cobey with Jan Frankel

How many people can name their great-grandparents? If their names were not their legacies, what was their legacy? We look around and see our institutions and remember Christopher Wren who said, “If you look for our monument, just look around. But who were they and what did they believe was important?”

What will your legacy be? Will it be a name stuck to some speechless pictures? Yes, it could be that, but the real answer could be the institutions that are meaningful to you and the passing of your legacy along as a statement of what you felt was important. That is a legacy worth having, and you might have it by looking into and participating with many of us in the Create Your Jewish Legacy program, better known as CYJL. This permits you to give to the charity of your choice a percentage of your assets or a certain amount when you pass on. Through CYJL, you are demonstrating to your progeny and other members of our community what you think is important, and at the same time, helping to build and fund those institutions for the future.

My wife, Jan Frankel, and I want to help preserve Rockdale’s heritage of promoting a close and friendly Temple community that has the flexibility to serve our future generations. Our forefathers did it for us, and we want to pass it on. You, the reader, may be old Rockdale or young Rockdale, but our common mission is to make it a Rockdale ready for the future, and you can put your “shoulder to the wheel.”

Future generations will look upon this gift as sustaining those values that are important to you and as helping congregants learn from your generosity and tzedakah. Further, your name will be associated with the gift and you will not be just a picture and a name with no voice—your voice will speak loudly to future generations through your actions.

It is my hope that you would consider Rockdale in your legacy plan. You can do so by contacting Sally Korkin, Aaron Herzig, or Karen Martin for more information.

Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784