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Rabbi Meredith Kahan with Sean Flowers

September, 1965 – my grandparents, Sandra and Milton Ostrow (z’l), joined Rockdale Temple

May, 1975 – my mom, Brenda Ostrow, was confirmed at Rockdale   Temple

August, 1983 – my parents, Brenda and Sheldon Kahan, were married on the bima at Rockdale Temple

October, 1991 – I began religious school and was consecrated on the bima at Rockdale Temple

November, 2009 – Sean Flowers and I were married by Sissy Coran, Senior Rabbi of Rockdale Temple

July, 2013 – I became the Assistant Rabbi & Educator of Rockdale Temple

June, 2015Our first child, Seth, was welcomed into the Jewish community at Rockdale Temple

March, 2017 – Our daughter, Becca, was given her Hebrew name at Rockdale Temple

August, 2018 – Seth began his Jewish education at Rockdale Temple

These are just a few of the important milestones my family has marked as part of the Rockdale Temple community. They are the big, momentous event-types, the kind that are on record in my grandma Sandi’s membership file. Then there are other notable areas of involvement. My grandpa Milt’s service to the building committee. My grandma Sandi’s leadership of annual dinners, Sisterhood events, and committees. My uncle Steve’s Bar Mitzvah (he can still sing his Torah portion). My aunt’s involvement with OVFTY (now NFTY-OV). My attendance – and that of my brothers, Michael and Adam – at Rockdale Temple Nursery School. My grandpa Sam and grandma Sandi’s stewardship of the soup kitchen project.

Of course, in between all the events and experiences, there are the little – but just as special - moments: The care of rabbis at difficult moments and their presence at celebrations. The opportunities to pray, sing, and worship with community. The making and maintaining of friendships, so many of which are decades-old. The love of Judaism passed down in preschool and religious school. The raising of this Rabbi.

I am grateful for this forward-thinking congregation that is 195 years young. This congregation – its people, its traditions, its gifts – has been here for my family for generations. And we have been here for Rockdale. I am proud to serve Rockdale Temple just as my family did before me, and I look forward to another five years (at least!) as your rabbi.

After entering into my most recent sacred partnership with Rockdale Temple to spend the next five years as your Associate Rabbi & Educator, Sean and I decided to designate a CYJL gift and become members of the Bene Israel Society. There are so many ways each of us can contribute to this amazing congregation. We urge you to join us in ensuring Rockdale Temple’s future so that many more generations of children will have the opportunity to grow up in this community. I am grateful to those who sustained Rockdale Temple for my family. We, in turn, look forward to leaving a lasting legacy – a Rockdale Temple for our children and beyond.

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784