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Justin Levy with Eira Tansey

We believe that being rooted in community is the most powerful way to have a sense of place and to seek meaning. When we moved to Cincinnati four years ago, we actively sought out ways to connect to the city. It was clear early on that Rockdale would be a big part of our lives, as it immediately felt comfortable and welcoming. Rockdale is a place where we can be ourselves, while also being open to new experiences and people.

As an interfaith couple, being part of the Rockdale community has allowed us to consider how to "do" Jewish and how to apply Jewish values in our lives. We were married at Rockdale in April of 2016, which gave us additional connectedness to Rockdale. The community has helped us grow our relationship, build new relationships with others, and consider new ways of interacting with the world. 

This engagement and community is so important to us, and we felt it was important to help sustain Rockdale so it can continue to positively impact others in the community and any future newcomers. 

Wed, October 4 2023 19 Tishrei 5784