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Kehal Kodesh Religious School Registration 19/20

Kehal Kodesh Religious School at Rockdale Temple
Annual Registration Form

Please complete this registration form each year so that we have updated information for your child(ren). Contact the Rockdale Temple office with any issues with the form (513-891-9900 or Thank you! 


If different from above
What does your student preferred to be called?
If you check yes, we will contact you prior to the start of the school year for a confidential conversation.
What does your student prefer to be called?
If you check yes, we will contact you prior to the beginning of the school year for a confidential conversation. 
What does your student prefer to be called?
If you check yes, we will contact you prior to the start of the school year for a confidential conversation. 
What does your student prefer to be called?
If you check yes, we will contact you prior to the start of the school year for a confidential conversation.

Planning for a Great Year at Kehal Kodesh!
Policy Statement on Vaccine Status of Students, Madrichim, and Staff
of Rockdale Temple Religious School and Youth Groups
2019-2020 / 5780
Background Statement
Until now, Rockdale Temple has not believed that a formal vaccination policy for Religious School was necessary due to required vaccinations for children in public schools. However, there have been recent outbreaks of measles and other preventable diseases caused by the lack of vaccinations. Specifically, the number of measles cases in the U.S. has reached its highest level in 25 years, with 1,022 total cases reported in the first six months of 2019 alone. The lack of vaccination presents a clear public health threat.
Families send their children to religious school, youth group, and Rockdale Temple programs and assume that their children will enjoy themselves, have positive social interactions, learn from the rich Jewish environment, and be safe and healthy. Safety and public health are priorities for all Union for Reform Judaism organizations, including Rockdale Temple. The vaccination of all members of the community is essential in order to maintain a safe environment and decrease the risk of transmission of preventable illnesses. The establishment of a safe environment must therefore include the requirement that all members of the Kehal Kodesh School of Rockdale Temple be adequately immunized against all of the preventable diseases as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

While parents may choose to defer the vaccination of their children, for the URJ and therefore Rockdale Temple, this is an issue of public health. The routine vaccination of all children and faculty in Kehal Kodesh School is an important public health matter for all, including vulnerable populations. In fact, the Central Conference of American Rabbis “endorses programs of compulsory immunization in our communities, with exemptions granted to those individuals whose medical conditions place them at particular risk of injury or untoward side effects. Aside from those individual cases, there are no valid Jewish religious grounds to support the refusal to immunize as a general principle.” (CCAR Responsa 5759.10.)

Given the overriding Jewish value that puts a premium on maintaining health, including taking preventive measures, along with the clear public health based need to protect the Rockdale Temple youth community as a whole, Rockdale Temple now requires that all children and staff involved in Rockdale Temple religious school and youth groups be immunized as explained below.

Vaccination Policy
Any individual who attends as a student, serves as a madrich/a/ol, and/or teaches in our Kehal Kodesh School (whether children or adults) must have up-to-date, age-appropriate vaccines as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). If you have any questions about the required vaccinations, please contact Rockdale Temple. 
Policy Exemptions
Rockdale Temple recognizes that individuals who have a documented allergy or severe adverse reaction to a particular vaccine will not be able to receive further doses of that individual vaccine. In addition, individuals with medical conditions such as congenital immunodeficiency or HIV, malignancies receiving chemotherapy, transplant patients and persons receiving immunosuppressive drugs and chronic steroids, will not be able to receive certain vaccines.

In these instances, a physician documenting the medical condition and exempting the child or adult from further doses of that specific vaccine must be furnished to Rockdale Temple. In addition, if an individual or his/her family believes that a specific situation poses extenuating circumstances, and furnishes a letter from a medical doctor (MD or OD) substantiating this belief, then Rockdale Temple will review the situation on a case-by-case basis and determine whether an exemption to the immunization policy can be made.

Under no circumstances will Rockdale Temple accept an ideological or other non-medical-based opposition towards vaccinations (in which a child could be vaccinated, but is not) as a policy exemption.

Vaccination Verification
Beginning in Summer 2019, and for all subsequent annual religious school registrations, Rockdale Temple requires families to verify that their child(ren) have received these vaccinations. This verification will be submitted as part of the online registration process. Families may also indicate that their student(s) is medically exempt from vaccinations – Rabbi Kahan will follow up with these families. Families are not asked to submit immunization forms or other medical records.

Adult teachers and teen madrichim are also required to be vaccinated. Rockdale Temple requires verification that the individual complies with the policy and that the individual’s immunizations are up to date.

*Rockdale Temple policy language taken from 2019 URJ Youth Policy Statement on Vaccination
Please note: if you do not agree to the above policy and your child(ren) does not have a qualifying medical exemption, we are unable to enroll them in religious school. 

Student, Family, and School Brit (Covenant)

*v’shinantam l’vanecha – And you shall teach them diligently to your children (Deut. 6:6)*

Our Torah teaches that each of us has an obligation to impart to our children the rituals, texts, observances, and values of Jewish tradition. We are thankful you have entrusted Kehal Kodesh School of Rockdale Temple with this holy task. In order to create a true kehal kodesh, a sacred community, we invite students, teachers, and families to work to together to help our children embrace a life of Jewish learning and form strong, positive Jewish identities. Towards that end, we invite you to review this brit (covenant) as a family. Please sign electronically to signify your understanding of this sacred trust.

  • send your children to school REGULARLY and ON TIME
  • participate in Sunday t’filah (prayer services)
  • show an interest in what your children are learning
  • make Religious School one of your children’s priorities
  • periodically attend Shabbat services with your children
  • attend family education and family-oriented school events
  • communicate with faculty/staff if problems arise
  • encourage students to approach Religious School with the same commitment as they do secular school

  • attend school regularly
  • approach your education with dedication:
  • come to school regularly and on timearrive prepared to learn
  • participate in activities, discussions, and projects
  • complete any assignments given
  • behave appropriately in school:
  • respect the dignity of everyone in the school community – rabbis, teachers, staff, madrichim, and peers
  • respect your own property, the Temple and JCC, and the property of others
  • work to ensure that the school environment is safe for you and othersperiodically attend Shabbat services with your family

  • provide teachers and staff committed to excellence in teaching
  • provide support materials necessary for learning
  • create a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning and the development of self-esteem
  • respect and provide for the needs of individual students
  • maintain on-going communication with parents and caregivers
  • demonstrate a love of Judaism and dedication to Jewish living and learning, and contribute to students’ positive Jewish identity
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